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Facials for Your Skin Type

When selecting a facial treatment you should have the right facial to your type of skin. If you have special circumstance or any type of condition of the skin you should be much more careful. Rest assured, there's a facial treatment that may suit your needs. facial treatments

At my Long Beach CA Facial and Skin Care treatment location we assist all kinds of skin. Everyone has different skin to some extent and it is my job to aid clients identify their specific skin care and facial treatment needs.

All facials can be obtained at my Long Beach skin care location by appointment only so if you feel scanning this article not in the Long Beach area just be sure you select your facials esthetician carefully and study a lot of reviews from current and past facial treatment customers. facial treatments

See skin types below to recognize your ideal facial treatment plans. In some instances two facials can be combined to support your requirements. An extremely personalized facial treatment approach is my preferred method so confer with your skin care professional about all your options, not just facials over a brochure.

Oily Skin Facials

Your skin produces the surplus quantity of oil but it is not get rid of the planet. Relax, there are solutions for shiny skin. Along with facials for shiny skin consider taking a look at your diet plan, environment and of course genetics. The issue with oily skin is your face may attract and retain dirt, pollen plus makeup residue even when you wash daily. Makeup can easily clog your pores. With time clogged pores cause plaque. With the right facial treatment you are able to look after this and obtain your skin to healthy very quickly.

I'd recommend Hydradermie Facial, Microdermabrasion Facial, Glycolic Peel or Beaute Neuve and in many cases a mix of multiple facial treatments. This can be sometimes reason for a customized policy for my Long Beach Facial clients.

Normal Skin / Combination Skin Facials

Combination skin, also referred to as normal skin can be dry and also oily at times and in some specific areas. Sometimes dual methods are in order. Microdermabrasion facial can be a top choice for my Long Beach facial clients but all facials should work effectively for you if you don't have an alternative to get a customized approach.

Dermititis Facial Treatments

A slightly complicated facial skin type is dry skin because usually multiple facial remedies are used so we need to provide time for you to work. A facial series is an excellent choice rather than one dried-out skin facial treatment. Dermititis is low in natural oils and says about the dry side most of the time. This can make the process of natural exfoliation to become too slow to maintain the dry skin hydrated so a facial that accounts for this can be required. Hydradermie facial, Beaute Neuve and Microdermabrasion Facials are wonderful options, plus Lactic Acid Peels round out the treatment.

Mature Skin Facials

Mature skin facials can be quite a bit difficult however in time the treatments commence to work wonders. Mature skin might have many issues including oily patches and dryness. At my Long Beach CA Facial Rehab facility we handle cases such as this regularly. Mature skin might have slowed circulation so cells don't regenerate as fast as the used to so in some instances skin spots and acne arrive uninvited. With the use of Hydradermie Plus Facials, Microdermabrasion Treatment, Liftosome, Glycolic Peels, and of course Hydradermie Lift we could look after mature skin and produce it returning to a glowing and firmer appearance.

Sensitive Skin Facial Treatments

Sensitive skin facial treatments require some special attention however with the best approach you will have a radian appearance in just a few appointments. Gentle cleaning plays a job, plus at my facility I'd surely avoid any harsh cleansers. The very best facials for you personally are Hydradermie Facials and Aromatic Facial Treatments.


As you can tell you will need to possess a professional and esthetician work with you to identify the perfect facial strategy for your skin type. A facial treatment series is usually the best option so you'll have multiple appointments and your skincare professional can monitor treatments and adapt their approach when needed.